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Local Government Act 1972, Section 87 (2)

Ash-cum-Ridley Parish Council

Notice of Casual Vacancy in the Ofice of Parish Councillor


Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists for a Parish Councillor for the South East Ward of the above mentioned Parish.

An election to fill the vacancy will be held if ten electors for the South East Ward of the Parish of Ash-cum-Ridley request one.  A request for an election must be in writing and must include the signature(s) and address(es) of the elector(s).  It must be addressed to the Proper Officer, Sevenoaks District Council, Council Offices, Argyle Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1HG and must be delivered within 14 working days  (i.e. excluding weekends and bank holidays) of the date of this notice.


If an election is not requested by ten electors the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as practicable after the above mentioned deadline.


DATE:  27/06/2016


ADDRESS:  Parish Office

                    Ash Green Sports Centre

                    Ash Road

                    New Ash Green

                    DA3 8JZ










The parish of Ash-cum-Ridley encompasses four distinct communities: 

Ash, Hodsoll Street, New Ash Green and Ridley.

Ash, Hodsoll Street and Ridley are small ancient settlements, whereas New Ash Green is a large new village that provides some of the facilities more usually found in a small town. 














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